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Product Segment- Wave Interview Guide

Designed for recruitment, the Saville Assessment Wave Interview Guide provides a clear structure for interviews by providing questions and probes designed to measure both talent and motive.

The questions are designed to verify strengths and target areas of possible concern as identified in the Wave Styles questionnaire. Benefits of the Interview Guide include saving interview preparation time, predicting performance and potential, improving objectivity, in-depth exploration of motive and talent, structured write-ups and access to powerful psychometric data to guide the interview.

Powered by either Wave Professional Styles or Wave Focus Styles the guide generates questions across the 12 Wave Sections. Between 2 and 4 questions per section are generated dynamically, dependent on the candidate’s responses to the Wave questionnaire.

For more information on the Saville Assessment Wave Interview Guide and to begin structured, focused and powerful interviewing, call (02) 9945 0840 or email info@savilleassessment.com.au.

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