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Lead Talent Solutions


Leaders are responsible for ensuring delivery of organisational goals, whether they be customer related, people related or growth related. We help clients select the best leaders by identifying:

  • where they will have the most business-critical impact
  • the situations in which they are most likely to be effective
  • the risk of negative impact associated with potential derailers

Future Leaders

Knowing who is going to be able to deliver an organisation’s future strategy is critical to success. Our assessments help clients:

  • recognise talent with the potential to meet future leadership challenges
  • create personalised high potential leadership development programmes
  • deliver powerful coaching to accelerate development


Poor leadership can result in low engagement, poor results and stifled growth. Our leadership development tools ensure clients:

  • accelerate leadership onboarding
  • understand, manage and optimise performance
  • coach, develop, reflect on and refine leadership style


Entrepreneurs create and lead high value businesses, often starting with virtually nothing. Our dedicated Entrepreneurial Report can be used for:

  • identifying potential entrepreneurs to help start and build high-growth businesses
  • coaching entrepreneurs and harnessing the talent of individuals with entrepreneurial ability
  • driving corporate entrepreneurship and innovation


Even great leaders have the potential to negatively influence an organization’s culture and performance. Clients can mitigate potential risk from their leaders with tools that:

  • identify potential risk behaviours in current and future leadership populations
  • improve self-awareness around misguided strengths
  • support development and coaching activities specifically exploring potential leadership derailers