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Interview Guide

The Wave Interview Guide enables the use of powerful online assessments to inform and structure the content of selection interviews, whilst reducing common interview bias.

Generated from the Wave Professional and Focus Styles personality questionnaires, this report is designed for use in:

  • Selection interviews
  • Panel interviews

Designed for use by recruiters, assessors and line managers, this report provides a clear structure for interviewers and ensures that valuable interview time is focused on core areas. The Interview Guide verifies strengths and specifically targets areas of possible concern identified from the questionnaire. Interviewers are presented with structured questions and probes designed to measure both talent and motive.

The guide generates questions across the 12 Wave Sections. Between 2 and 4 questions per section are generated dynamically, dependent on the candidate’s responses to the questionnaire.


Improve objectivity and fairness of interviews with standardised behaviourally-based questions.
Easy and standardised recording of interview information.
In-depth exploration of individual's motives and talents.
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Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles


20 minutes - Wave Focus Styles

Supporting User Guide Provided