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Wave® Styles Personality Questionnaires

Wave®, the most powerful personality questionnaire for predicting performance and potential.

The Wave Performance Culture Framework measures the 4 clusters, 12 sections, 36 dimensions and 108 facets of personality. An extensive research and development programme underlies the framework, our questionnaires are straight-forward, work-relevant, and most importantly, accurate. In a co-validation study, Wave Professional Styles, outperformed the OPQ32i™, NEO-PI-R™, Hogan Personality Inventory™ and 16PF5™ on both work competencies and overall global measures of performance.


So, why use Wave® Styles?

  • Enable better matching of individuals to roles and culture
  • Identify and develop potential faster
  • Unique deep dives into the individuals’ profile
  • Highly valid questionnaire predicts performance
  • One questionnaire generates 16 different reports

Wave® Professional Styles

The most comprehensive and accurate personality questionnaire on the market. The Wave® Professional Styles gathers a range of information to provide in-depth insights into the styles of an individual for recruitment, individual and team development, and leadership identification and development.
40 minutes completion time
16 report outputs

Wave® Focus Styles

The Wave® Focus Styes is a short yet powerful personality questionnaire generally used for more large-scale volume recruitment to screen out candidates.
13 minutes completion time
8 report outputs