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Wave Styles Personality Questionnaires

Wave, the most powerful personality questionnaire for predicting performance and potential.

The Wave Performance Culture Framework measures the 4 clusters, 12 sections, 36 dimensions and 108 facets of personality. An extensive research and development programme underlies the framework, our questionnaires are straight-forward, work-relevant, and most importantly, accurate. In a co-validation study, Wave Professional Styles, outperformed the OPQ32i™, NEO-PI-R™, Hogan Personality Inventory™ and 16PF5™ on both work competencies and overall global measures of performance.


So, why use Wave Styles?

  • Enable better matching of individuals to roles and culture
  • Identify and develop potential faster
  • Unique deep dives into the individuals’ profile
  • Highly valid questionnaire predicts performance
  • One questionnaire generates 16 different reports

Wave Professional Styles

The most comprehensive and accurate personality questionnaire on the market. The Wave Professional Styles gathers a range of information to provide in-depth insights into the styles of an individual for recruitment, individual and team development, and leadership identification and development.
40 minutes completion time
16 report outputs

Wave Focus Styles

The Wave Focus Styles is a short yet powerful personality questionnaire generally used for more large-scale volume recruitment to screen out candidates.
13 minutes completion time
8 report outputs