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Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience: A Spotlight on UX and Cognitive Load

In this short article we share some practical insights for delivering a more equitable and inclusive assessment experience through informed UX design.

10 Ways Wave® Drives Development

Find out how our flagship personality assessment tool Wave® provides a scientific and scalable framework for talent development…

Reduce the Risk of a Bad Hire: Shining a Spotlight on Candidate Faking

We highlight some of the unique Wave® features which help you spot potential red flags in a candidate profile and tips for preventing candidate faking.

Talent Management in the Digital Age

Contemporary talent management is impacted by a multitude of factors, including technological advances and socio-economic issues – we take a closer look at some of the key areas having an impact today.

More Haste, Less Speed: Is time-to-hire a true indicator of efficiency?

We look at why moving beyond metrics such as time-to-hire and focusing on the quality of hire may actually save you time and money in the long run.

Make Your 360 Program a Success

Many talent practitioners understand the benefits of 360s but can sometimes come unstuck when it comes to successfully embedding the process into an individual or wider team development program. We’ve identified three factors that can make your 360 program a success.

Better Personality Assessments, Better Sales

Sales teams are absolutely critical to any business, but they also tend to be high-pressure environments. In this article, we will look at the importance of personality in sales positions and why you should ensure you are using the right tool to robustly assess it.

10 Ways Wave Transforms Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is key to any organisation. Utilising powerful research, data and technology, Wave provides you with an unrivalled framework for smarter hiring. Here are 10 ways Wave transforms talent acquisition with smarter assessments, delivering exceptional results.

Making psychometric assessment work for you

Psychometric assessment has proven itself time and again over the last 100 years, but industry pioneer Scott Ruhfus says organisations will need to rediscover how to make it work effectively in a new, tech-driven age.

How we can make the most of this less than ideal situation

The change to semi-permanent working from home scenery has certainly proven a big challenge to many of us. But is there any good news?

Strengthening our Knowledge of Strengths

A brief look at strengths assessments and how you can best use them.

Top Tips for Using Psychometrics

Maximise the benefits of psychometric assessments for your next recruitment.

Benefits of Using Psychometrics

Ten tips to ensure you get the most from assessments in your organisation.

Why Test Up Front?

Selection is a complex decision-making science, get the facts on testing and when you should do it.