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Online Assessment and Development Centres

VirtualAC™ simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive simulation exercises to select and develop your staff.

We are an authorised international distributor of VirtualAC in the Asia Pacific region. This provides our clients with access to market-leading online assessment centre technology.

Using VirtualAC™, participants can be presented with information and issues to deal with through a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and organisation charts. Using the simulated online desktop, participants can be asked to respond to emails, write documents or reports and schedule meetings in their calendar.
Assessors can access and mark participant outputs online using our streamlined marking system, which incorporates our SmartScoring™ formula. This system can cut assessor marking time by a third compared to paper-based marking.


Saves time and money with participants able to complete remotely.
Helps to make high quality decisions with flexible and tailored realistic working scenarios.
Promote your employer brand with an immersive and engaging assessment experience.
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