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Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude or ability tests are consistently proven to be the best predictors of workplace effectiveness. Using the right ability tests as part of a recruitment process can bring a significant return on investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role.

Swift Combination Tests

Our pioneering Swift Aptitude tests efficiently assess the core aptitudes required for a range of roles in one innovative combination assessment.

Candidates benefit from one login and assessment completion, and recruiters receive one total score and individual sub-scores in a single easy-to-interpret report.

Swift Analysis
Aptitude Range

This test range includes 3 combinations for assessing graduates, management trainees, managers, professionals, and directors.

Swift Comprehension
Aptitude Range

This test range includes 2 combinations for assessing administrative roles, customer service roles, operational roles and commercial roles.

Swift Technical
Aptitude Range

This test range assesses aptitudes required to be successful in technical roles, such as production workers, engineers and scientists.

Swift Apprentice

This unique assessment was one of the first tests to comprehensively and quickly measure the key aptitudes required for a breadth of apprenticeship schemes.

Swift Global

This interactive aptitude test measures an individual’s ability to think abstractly, reason quickly and problem-solve, independent of previous knowledge.

Swift Executive

This test measures the critical aptitudes required for senior level and leadership positions including c-suite, directors, senior managers and professionals.

Aptitudes by Target Groups

Saville Assessment’s aptitude assessments are a comprehensive portfolio of tests used for a range of roles. They clearly measure a variety of abilities depending on the role requirements.

The portfolio includes measures of Verbal (V), Numerical (N), Diagrammatic (D), Abstract (A), Error Checking (C), Spatial (S), and Mechanical (M) aptitudes that predict the ability to work with words, numbers, systems, logic, details, designs and equipment.

We segment our assessments into target group or candidates. See our range below: