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Transform your Organisation of Tomorrow with your Talent of Today

We believe everybody has potential for something. However, traditional methods for identifying and measuring potential are often too restrictive, reliant on subjective ratings or feedback, and designed to engage the few not the many.

Wave-i is a new way of looking at potential. Underpinned by over 15 years of research and over 7,000 ratings of potential, it goes beyond other measures of potential to:

  • Unlock a more diverse range of talent
  • Reveal broader pathways for development
  • Inform better, fairer decision making
  • Mobilise meaningful development activity for all.

Each participant receives their own Career Potential Development Report giving them a starting point to map their own development against the key leadership and career indicators they demonstrate potential for.

This dual lens on potential is underpinned by over 15 years of research and over 7,000 data points.


Break free from the traditional definitions of potential and include the nuance unique to your organisation.
Significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong decisions with the most powerful predictor of workplace potential.
Create opportunities for a wider and more diverse talent pool.
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