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Leadership Impact Report

The Leadership Impact Report is the first report to go beyond competencies and link behaviour to organisational outcomes. Identifies where your leaders are most likely to create impact across nine key areas.

Generated from the Wave Professional Styles personality questionnaire, the Leadership Impact Reports can be used for;

  • Identifying leadership potential
  • Leadership selection
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • M&A activity

The report links to behaviours under three key impact areas of leadership:

  • Professional Leadership
  • People Leadership
  • Pioneering Leadership

The leadership impact potential prediction gives a unique prediction of likely strengths and limitations against nine key Impact areas. Aligned to these nine Impact areas are 18 Leadership Styles, where reflections for development to encourage self-awareness and development are provided for the individual. A Situational Leadership Effectiveness Profile outlines the workplace situations in which the individual is likely to be more or less effective as a leader.


Impact model bridges the gap between specific behaviours and organisational level outcomes.
Provides positively framed, work-relevant development advice avoiding potential for negative impact.
Utilises the Wave deep-dives to identify leadership potential and provide extra levels of details for powerful conversation.
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Online via Oasys or Bureau Service

Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles

Accreditation Required