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Accreditation Training

Our International Accreditation Courses will provide you with everything you need to know about psychometrics in the workplace.

Working Remotely? We are pleased to provide our International Accreditation Courses online. These virtual accreditation courses are accessible Australia-wide.

Whether you’re looking for personal development, or you’ve always thought about getting Wave Accredited, these courses are the perfect way to upskill while in the comfort of your own home.

Transform your recruitment and development processes, by getting accredited in Saville Assessment’s industry-leading personality questionnaires and over 180 aptitude assessments.

  • Enhance your talent management skills
  • Become accredited to use world-class tests for selection and development
  • Learn how to evaluate different tests
  • Develop your coaching and feedback skills
  • Understand the economics of assessment
  • Contribute to your continual professional development (CPD)

Already accredited in Wave Styles? Why not look into our half-day masterclasses?

Comprehensive Accreditation

3 Day Course

Training on how to administer, interpret, and give feedback on our aptitude tests and Wave personality questionnaire.

Conversion Accreditation

1 Day Course

Equips delegates already trained in another multi-faceted personality tool to use Wave; the most powerful predictor of workplace performance and potential.

Comprehensive Course Dates

10 – 12 Nov, 2020
24 – 26 Nov, 2020
Virtual 10 – 12 Nov, 2020
24 – 26 Nov, 2020

Conversion Course Dates

11 Nov, 2020
25 Nov, 2020
Virtual 11 Nov, 2020
25 Nov, 2020