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Sales Reports

Our integrated suite of sales reports provides organisations with a consistent, aligned and effective approach to the assessment of sales talent across hiring, onboarding and development.

Sales is the growth engine of many organisations and the financial difference between good and average performance is usually very significant. The Sales Report measures a person’s potential to perform in a sales role.

Generated from the Wave Professional Styles personality questionnaire, this range of reports can identify key sales behaviours for profiling, recruiting, developing and benchmarking sales talent:

  • Sales Recruitment – Hiring salespeople against key predictors of success
  • Sales Development – Identifying successful sales profiles and building sales pipelines against them
  • Sales Transformation – Organisations looking to move to a new way of selling
  • Sales Leadership – Identifying leadership potential in sales talent

Each report is powered by the extensively-researched and validated Wave Sales model. If you would like to learn more about our Sales Model get in touch.


Integrated suite of reports, aligned to the Wave Sales Model, can be used across the talent cycle from hiring, development and identifying sales leadership potential.
Strong prediction of sales performance provided by the highly valid Wave Framework, and deep dives into motive and talent.
Highly focused development capitalising on strengths and enhancing motive-talent combinations.
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Completion Time

40 minutes - Wave Professional Styles

Expert Report Requires Accreditation