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Swift Global Aptitude

Swift Global is a mobile-first, interactive broad measure of the cognitive ability that underpins the capacity to flexibly solve problems and apply learning in new environments at work.

This 12-minute combination test efficiently assesses an individual’s ability to think abstractly, reason quickly and problem solve measuring 3 key areas:

  • Recall: the aptitude for correctly memorizing figures and their position in a grid of cards.
  • Numbers: the aptitude for identifying patterns in a series of numbers.
  • Abstract: the aptitude for identifying patterns in a series of shapes and symbols.

Swift Global was designed for completion on a mobile device, uses minimised language content and is highly-visual making it suitable for global assessment projects.

Its global reach for a wide-range of roles is reflected in its selection of international norm groups for benchmarking including Graduates, Professionals and Managers.


available in Invited Access (IA)

The report is available in Invited Access (IA).

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