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Build Talent Solutions


Understanding what employees do best and where is essential for building strong pipelines. Our clients can:

  • identify talent ‘pinch-points’ and align talent with business deliverables
  • identify potential and the behaviors which drive success


Effective onboarding accelerates time to productivity, boosts retention and improves performance. We work with clients to:

  • transform onboarding into a two-way engaging experience between the new hire and Line Manager
  • tailor the process to the candidate, role, environment and business objectives

& Retention

Capable, motivated employees who are engaged perform better and stay longer. Our tools can be used to:

  • help managers understand their unique strengths and how their behaviour affects engagement in their team
  • drive sustainable engagement across all levels, leading to increased retention


Bridging the gap between performance and potential capitalises on an individual’s motives and talents for improved performance. Our development tools facilitate:

  • powerful feedback, driving better workplace performance
  • targeted developmental action planning, ensuring objectives are achieved


Improving self-awareness is essential for individuals to ensure they harness their talents to maximum effect. Our suite of reports help employees:

  • become more aware of talent blind-spots, strengths and unrealised potential
  • understand how they can best leverage their preferred work styles effectively with colleagues across the business


Creating agile, high-performing teams is key for workplace effectiveness. Using our tools, clients can:

  • harness individual work styles to create balanced, dynamic and effective teams
  • deliver workshops that identify team strengths, possible limitations and focused action plans