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A Game of Roles

We often assume people can just come together and work as an effective, collective team. In reality, this is hardly ever the case! Understanding individual team members and their purpose or function within a team is paramount for a successful, cohesive and effective team. Our Work Roles Report does this and more! The report identifies an individual’s work style preferences based on the way they interact with others and their approach to work. These preferences are represented by 8 different Work Roles, each with their own strengths and weakness.

So, what are the work roles?

  1. Analysts use their intellect and expertise to break down and evaluate information. They seek the right answers.
  2. Innovators take a creative approach to problem-solving and often develop long term strategies.
  3. Relators actively communicate with others and can help improve social interaction.
  4. Assertors readily take control of situations and coordinate people well. They prefer to be the leader.
  5. Optimists tend to be resilient and can stay calm under pressure. They help keep morale high.
  6. Supporters attend to the needs of others and prefer a team-oriented approach.
  7. Finishers focus on getting things completed to a high standard and pay attention to detail. They tend to be meticulous and check things thoroughly.
  8. Strivers push hard to achieve ambitious results. They are often highly enterprising and competitive.

With the wildly successful HBO Series Game of Thrones now complete… our Monday’s will never be the same and we’re already in withdrawal. So, to celebrate the end of an era, we’ve analysed some of Daenerys’ squad using our Work Roles framework and identified their Primary and Secondary Work Roles and the way these unique interactions play out.

Check it out below and let us know if you agree, or what role you would give them instead!

Warning: this post contains spoilers!

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