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Whether you are assessing the next CEO or the next graduating class, we provide assessment solutions that can meet your unique requirements. Our "high tech" tools and processes can help your staffing department with higher volume recruitment programs (e.g. graduate recruitment and green field startups) while our "high touch" tools and services provide the individual attention your top candidates expect.

Job & Culture Profiling

Our unique framework features competency and culture profiling cards and online profiling surveys that create the foundation for any hiring process - a definition of the job, the cultural context and the ideal employee. We can also provide validation and adverse impact monitoring services to ensure your hiring decisions are accurate, fair and legally defensible.

Screening for 'fit'

Knowing a candidate 'matches' the job requirements better than others tells you they will likely perform the job better too. Knowing a candidate fits your particular organisational culture better than others tells you they should find the environment more satisfying and therefore stay longer. Our proprietary online assessments quickly screen out candidates who do not fit the job or culture as well as others:

  • measure motive, talent and culture online in 40 minutes with Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles
  • measure motive, talent and culture online in 13 minutes with Saville Consulting Wave® Focus Styles

Managing the assessments & integrated systems

Our configurable online assessment system, Oasys™, administers and manages the assessments and the 'Dashboard' reporting capability allows hiring professionals to:

  • rank candidates based on their decision criteria (e.g. job fit, culture fit)
  • drill down for more detailed assessment results
  • view candidates' progress through the process at a glance
  • integrate with HR IT systems using HR XML

Example of Saville Consulting's Oasys system to administer and manage assessments and make selections.

Interviewing and selecting

After short-listing, use our in-depth assessment reports and automated interview guides to probe and validate the information gathered to ensure you hire the best. In addition to our configurable online solutions for high volume selection, we provide one-on-one executive assessment, development and coaching services. We share objective and business focused advice, built on sound techniques and years of experience, assessing and advising at the most senior levels.