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Leadership Impact and Risk
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Reimagining Leadership Effectiveness 

True leadership remains a rare and valuable commodity. Fail to nurture it and you risk losing it. Successful organisations need leaders to create a real impact on both teams and individuals, but it must be focused and in the right areas. Change is constant, but human behaviour is relatively stable and enduring. If you want to change behaviour, correct diagnosis is essential. 

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81% of HR leaders cite ‘lack of readiness’ as a top reason that a high-potential candidate was unable to fill leadership positions.

Gartner, 2020

Understanding Leadership Impact

As recently featured in Company Director Magazine June Issue, our latest research argues for a model of leadership performance which acknowledges the impact of leaders in the achievement of organisational outcomes, while also recognising that the behaviour of individual leaders matters.

Identify, select and develop leaders who will have the required impact, in line with your organisation’s strategic requirements.

Understanding Leadership Risk

Go beyond individual derailers to spotlight the risks leaders can bring to the organisation, its culture and themselves. Find out how ‘too much of a good thing‘ can create a negative impact on leadership effectiveness.

Lead the Change

Bringing both Impact and Risk into leadership development activities can drive extremely powerful development conversations. It’s crucial that leaders start to think of their personal development in line with organisational values and outcomes, and that as an organisation you ensure that you give them the tools to create impact and avoid risk where it really matters. 

Helping you make an impact

Talent Audits

Understand where you currently are

Recognise what is required to get where you need to be

Implement the strategy to get you there

Early Potential Identification

Identify who you should be investing in

Proactively identify talent for development opportunities

Create development opportunities earlier for high potentials and consistent performers

M&A and Transformation

Understand the collective potential of a new team

Recognise who can shape the new future of the organisation

Develop individuals & teams in line with the new strategy

Succession Planning

Identify who is ready and who can be made ready

Understand what matters most when moving levels

Minimise the opportunity for bias

Strategically Identify Emerging Leaders

Strategically identify and develop emerging talent and leaders with our new way of measuring potential.

Break free from the traditional definitions of potential and include the nuance that is unique to your organisation

Create opportunities for a wider and more diverse talent pool

Review a broader spectrum of paths for progression

Significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong decisions with the most powerful predictor of workplace potential

Benchmark the calibre of your talent pool for a wider view of ‘what good looks like’

Dive deeper into an individual’s behaviours as well as group trends with our dynamic dashboard

Featured in Company Director Magazine Volume 39 Issue 06

The Toolkit

Powered by our Wave® Professional Styles personality questionnaire, these reports bridge the critical gap between leadership behaviours and organisational outcomes and enhance individual self-awareness to drive powerful leadership development.

Icon_Leadership Impact

Leadership Impact Report

Identify, select and develop exceptional leaders

Gain a greater depth of insight with the unique Wave ‘deep dives’

Deliver relevant, positive and impactful performance feedback

Bridge the gap between behaviours and outcomes

Improve self-reflection and leadership performance

Icon_Leadership Risk

Leadership Risk Report

Understand where your leaders may incur risk individually

Identify your team and organisational risk factors

Review overplayed strengths and understand their potential consequences

Spotlight possible leadership-derailing behaviours

Online Dynamic Dashboards

Gain valuable insight into your leaders and ensure that they make a real difference to the organisation.

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Bridge the crucial gap between leadership behaviours and organisational outcomes

Spotlight the potential risk leaders can bring to themselves, their organisation and its culture

Illustrate the collective impact of your C-Suite

Maximise the chance of making the right key strategic appointments

Transform leadership development activity

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