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Talent Assessments

With global talent shortages, your recruitment strategy needs to shift. If your talent pool is missing experienced and qualified candidates and you’re doing too many interviews, it’s time to start testing for suitability, not just eligibility.

Look for candidates with the right attributes to learn the job quickly and adapt with resilience and agility. Our assessments can help you fill in some of the gaps from interviewing.

Save time and money, increase your talent pool, and achieve greater diversity with our subscription-free assessments. Get that job filled.

Save time and money, increase your talent pool, and achieve greater diversity with our subscription-free assessments. Get that job filled.

Save time and money, increase your talent
pool, and achieve greater diversity with our subscription-free assessments.
Get that job filled.

Save time and money, increase your talent pool, and achieve greater diversity with our subscription-free assessments. Get that job filled.

Amplify the effectiveness of your recruitment and development activities with the market-leading Saville Assessment portfolio.

The right talent can make an organisation and the wrong talent can break an organisation.

As talent professionals, your choices have a direct impact on the success of the organisation. That’s why the tools you use matter. With Saville, you can be confident that you’re working with the best range of talent assessments, proven to predict performance at work.

Enjoy the flexibility to access our entire portfolio of assessments, but only pay for what you need. We don’t charge any annual fees or subscriptions, just for the assessments you use.

And with specialised reports for candidates, hiring managers and management, you’ll build a process loved by all.

Why Saville Assessment?

30+ years experience

Our reputation has been built on understanding and growing with the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets for over 30 years.


Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Great customer service is our focus and reputation.

No annual subscription

Don’t pay for things that you won’t use. We operate a simple pay as you go system so you’re only paying for what you need.

Best-in-class assessments

Our assessments are based on decades of published research, development, and leadership in the field.

Aptitude Assessments


Aptitude tests can measure a variety of abilities that are important for different roles. Using the right aptitude tests as part of a selection process brings a significant return on investment by helping to ensure the individual is proficient in the aptitudes required for the job.

When experienced talent is in short supply, aptitude assessments can identify candidates who have the potential to succeed.

What sets our aptitude tests apart from the rest?

  • Varied item breadth creating a more engaging candidate experience
  • Shorter completion times with high validity
  • Flexibility of unsupervised and supervised tests for extra security
  • Modern content and design
  • User-friendly reports
  • Supplementary information on the individual’s test-taking style

See how Teledyne Technologies incorporated Aptitudes in their recruitment process to improve gender diversity.

Behavioural & Personality Questionnaires

Wave Styles is our suite of behavioural questionnaires and is the most powerful suite of questionnaires for predicting performance and potential at work. In a co-validation study, Wave Professional Styles® outperformed all the major multi-scale personality questionnaires on both work competencies and overall global measures of performance.

What sets Wave Styles apart from the rest?

  • Only assessment to compare talent and motive directly
  • Fully aligns behavioural style with competencies and performance outcomes
  • Features easy to understand, direct questions that are work-relevant and unobtrusive, and has been translated into 30+ languages
  • Maximises the validity between assessment results and job performance
  • One questionnaire generates 16 different reports from interview-guides through to onboarding and development
  • The most up-to-date norms for better benchmarking
  • Receiving 27 out of a possible 30 stars from the BPS (British Psychological Society) independent review
  • Complimentary interactive and dynamic group reporting with powerful analytics

See how Ricoh used the Wave in this internal recruitment project which won Best Internal Recruitment Strategy at The Firm Awards 2021 and the Talent Management category at the Personnel Today Awards 2021.

Looking for something else?

Don’t just take our word for it

Group Talent Development Manager
Global FMCG Organisation
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Saville consistently deliver a friendly, professional, helpful and speedy service. Their Wave® profile has been a valuable addition to the suite of tools we use to assess candidates. Our line managers regularly comment on the increased insight the tool provides which helps them make hiring decisions.

Executive Coach
Fiona Webster
Executive Coach
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I love working with Saville and find the Wave Professional Styles Expert Report an extremely useful tool in so many ways. I also really appreciate the speed and service from the Saville team, each and every time I connect with them.

Freelance Consultant
OD Specialist
Freelance Consultant
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Thanks so much for your support. It is refreshing to deal with a provider who offers a quality product, coupled with such a strong service focus.

Group Talent Manager
Michelle Le Poidevin
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We’ve been using the Saville Wave Professional Styles test for a number of years now and describe it as ‘The Oracle’! It goes far deeper than you could ever go with a standard interview, helping you to make a far more informed decision – critical when recruitment decisions are very costly to get wrong!

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