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Wave® Masterclass

As the best-in-class predictor of workplace performance, potential, competencies, strengths and preferred culture, Wave® sets the market standard for personality questionnaires. This highly engaging and practical course will see you leverage your existing knowledge of Wave® and build upon this to become an expert user.

Designed for accredited individuals, whether in 2006 when Wave® was released, or just last year, this course is for those who want to better understand the Styles Questionnaire and become a master interpreter.

You need to be Wave®-qualified to attend this masterclass.

Why Attend?

  • Deep dives into the unique features of Wave®
  • Enhance your ability to interpret and utilise the Wave® in a variety of applications
  • Solidify your understanding of Motive-Talent and Facet Splits
  • Refresh your understanding of best practice as it relates to Wave®
  • Become a master user of the Saville Wave®