Skills; everyone’s talking about them, but are they having the right conversation?

an exclusive presentation from
Rab MacIver, R&D Director
at Saville Assessment

11am AEST | 10th July 2024

With so much talk in the market about a skills-based approach to talent management, what does this actually mean and why are people paying attention?

In today’s dynamic work environment, recognising and nurturing talent potential is crucial for building a resilient and successful workforce. Organisations are needing to future proof by identifying talent who have the skills, or potential, to evolve and embrace ambiguity and change, particularly around technology with the rise of AI and Machine Learning.

Our webinar showcased an exclusive presentation from industry expert, Rab MacIver, Research & Development Director at Saville Assessment.

Rab shared our latest research into the science of skills and explore what a tangible skills-based approach to talent management looks like.

Why Attend?

Hear from an Industry Leader

Gain insights into the industry shift to skills and their increasing importance. Rab will delve into our ongoing research into the difference between skills and skills potential, and why the distinction matters.

Revolutionise Your Workforce Strategy

Discover how focusing on skills potential can help you foster an adaptable, resilient, and innovative workforce. Understand how skills potential contributes to building a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

Stay Ahead of Trends 

Explore the role of skills potential in the future of leadership and HR.

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