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Tailor your onboarding approach for each hire.
Give your new hire a more personalised experience, help them be their best and meet their full potential.

Good Onboarding – What is the impact?

Onboarding matters. If executed well it accelerates time to productivity, impacts positively on the ROI of new hires and improves engagement, performance and retention. It’s time to disrupt the transactional and traditional with a more tailored, shared, and mutually beneficial onboarding experience.

Too often the onboarding process is ‘one-size-fits-all’ and driven solely by compliance, rather than being tailored to the individual. Looking at how hires can capitalise on their strengths in role, where they are likely to add the most value and how they can work with their manager and the organisation most effectively will help accelerate productivity.

New hires list their managers as the people who they most want to show them the ropes when they join an organisation.

Treating onboarding as a two-way learning process owned by the employee and hiring manager can be empowering for both. Working together they can develop a shared plan with relevant objectives and development activities.

A fresh approach to onboarding is required for organisations to achieve the metrics they desire; faster time to productivity, improved performance, better engagement and increased retention. Building the process around the individual, rather than building them into it, can transform how you onboard talent and the acquisition metrics achieved.

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