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We believe everybody has potential for something. We want to help organisations open the door to more development opportunities for their people with broader, fairer and more innovative ways of identifying and developing potential. 

Introducing Wave-i

Wave-i is our new way of looking at potential, offering a less restrictive and less subjective solution for talent development.

The interactive dashboards provide a dynamic insight for organisations to understand the career type and leadership roles in which individuals will thrive, as well as benchmark and profile their talent pools.

Each participant receives their own Career Potential Development Report giving them a starting point to map their own development against the key leadership and career indicators they demonstrate potential for.

This dual lens on potential is underpinned by over 15 years of research and over 7,000 data points.

Wave-i is perfect for:

Identifying broader spectrums of talent 

Unearthing hidden talent  

Promoting internal career mobility

Providing meaningful development opportunities and activities to all

Women in leadership programs

Retraining, stretch and upskilling programs 

Hi-potential programs 

Leadership development programs  

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To help you with your talent planning for the year, we are offering a 15% discount on the implementation price of your own Wave-i dashboard.

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The feedback so far…

Director of Talent – Global IT Organisation

“One of our greatest success stories from using Wave-i is that a colleague who was seen as low potential by his line manager was identified through the data provided in Wave-i. We were told they shouldn’t be invested on in this program.

They have since progressed through the development programme with flying colours and are adding serious value in an incredibly strategically important role. If it weren’t for using Wave-i, this person would certainly have left.”

Director OD & Talent Management
– Local Government 

“We aimed to test new concepts and try out new ways of identifying talent, and couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this journey. It was very important for us that all of the women that took part in this process felt supported throughout the experience and Saville really helped us achieve that.”

Senior Manager, Learning & Development – Global Pharmaceuticals Organisation

“The way Wave-i allows organisations to apply the ‘everyone has potential for something philosophy’ makes it easier to run an open and transparent process without the risk of disengaging a large proportion of participants.”

Apprentice & Talent Development Manager – Global IT Organisation 

“The process wasn’t about telling people what they are going to be, rather about facilitating change and instigating conversations about potential with individuals and what leadership development would look like to them.”

National Customer Service Director
– Global IT Organisation 

“I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with Saville Assessment as an early adopter of their brand new Wave-i solution. It seeks to transform how organisations identify, measure, benchmark and develop talent in a fair and unbiased way. We now have the data to identify, champion and develop that potential.”

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