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Conversion Accreditation Course

Build on your prior learning in organisational psychology or other recognised assessment experience in this 1-day virtual conversion course.

This virtual course is designed for human resources specialists and managers previously accredited in a recognised multifaceted personality assessment, or registered psychologists wanting to become accredited to use the Saville Wave Styles Questionnaire.

This course covers;

  • the development of Wave
  • ethical and practical considerations in assessment
  • interpreting Wave Styles
  • understanding Talent and Motive
  • interpreting the dual dynamic response format

On completion delegates will be able to;

  • immediately access the entire suite of world-class assessments
  • administer and interpret Wave Reports
  • enhance selection decisions with Wave
  • provide feedback on reports to individuals and line managers
  • join a growing community of accredited Wave users

Attendance on this 1-day course is subject to certain eligibility criteria.

Course Dates

Q3 Q4
27 July 12 October
17 August 9 November
7 September 23 November
Q3 27 July
17 August
7 September
Q4 12 October
9 November
23 November
Anastasia Tierney
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Incredibly valuable, our team is relatively new and we are seeking more accurate and reflective methods of selection / prediction of potential for development.

Anastasia Tierney

Gabriella Gustafson
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The knowledge of how assessments work will be vital for my career in organisational psychology. Having a tool that I feel comfortable using, is invaluable.

Gabriella Gustafson

James Sclater
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“The Facilitator tailored the session well to the audience, explained concepts well and responded to questions effectively. The course materials were also exceptional and used effectively throughout.”

James Sclater, Chandler Macleod

Shamiran Asahak
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"I am very keen for the next opportunity to come along to place what I have learnt at the training into practice, and for other organisations, teams and individuals to also see the benefits and effectiveness of using such a fantastic suite of tools."

Shamiran Asahak, Provisional Psychologist

Jennifer Scott
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"Compared to other training modules for assessment tests, this day was well structured, logical in order and the materials work together in a logical manner with clear building blocks for learning"

Jennifer Scott, Principal Consulting Psychologist