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Profiling an Individual's Most and Least Preferred Work Roles

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The Wave Work Roles Report is designed for use in:

  • Team Building – Maximizing the dynamics within existing teams
  • Team Feedback – Providing clear feedback on the role preferences in the team and ensuring that gaps, overlaps and interactions are dealt with
  • Enhancing Team Performance – Building a performance driven culture and playing to the strengths of the group
  • Problem Solving – Within and Across Teams – Identifying blockages and barriers to success and providing a platform for action planning
  • Recruitment – Creating powerful new teams
  • Managing Change – Working with teams, preparing them to initiate, embrace and drive change from within


  • Improved Team Performance – based on valid prediction of work roles using the Wave behavioral characteristics shown to predict the most effective performance
  • Balanced Teams – able to deliver all the key components of effective team work
  • Performance Culture – teams developed to be supportive of colleagues and drive high achievement
  • Platform for Change – teams built and/or developed to make change happen within an organization
  • Resolution of Conflict – conversations and actions are concentrated on the behaviors contributing to ineffectiveness or conflict
  • Behavioral Change – insightful feedback and awareness of the impact of contrasting work roles, provides a basis for clear action planning
  • Quick and Easy Online Access – 13 minute completion time via Wave Focus Styles


The highly graphic report identifies an individual's preferences based on the way they interact with others and their approach to work. The graphics display an individual's scores across eight role types. The individual's two most and least preferred roles are highlighted with detailed descriptive summaries.

The report also looks at the contrasts between the most and least preferred roles and the associated behaviors. Advisory points are made on the potential contribution to enhanced team performance.

Report templates are available to overview the group's role preferences.


Secure online administration via Saville Consulting's assessment platform Oasys or via the Saville Consulting Bureau Service.

Completion time:
40 minutes, Wave Professional Styles
13 minutes, Wave Focus Styles

Requires a Saville Consulting Wave accredited user to interpret and feedback report data.

Professional Styles Example Work Roles Report – Chris Park