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Selling Styles and Profiling Sales Success

Sales Report Sample


The Wave Sales Report is designed for use in:

  • Selection - Recruiting top sales people who will impact on business performance
  • Coaching - Highlighting areas of strength and limitation across the sales cycle and exploring the alignment of motives and talents
  • Training Needs Analysis - Providing data on individual and sales team potential benchmarked against external data
  • Sales Training - Profiling areas where sales skills and behaviors can be enhanced
  • Identifying Sales Leadership Potential - Facilitating succession planning and identifying future leaders


  • Strong Prediction of Sales Performance - provided by high validity measurement
  • Selection of Better Sales People — based on motives and talents
  • Improved Retention — based on focused hiring and better fit against job requirements
  • Focused Sales Development — capitalising on strengths and enhancing motive—talent combinations
  • Targeted Sales Training — on areas of lower skill and/or confidence
  • Early Identification of Potential Sales Leaders — who can drive performance and build the talent pipeline


The Wave Sales Report measures a person's potential to perform in a sales role.

Three elements of sales behaviour are profiled:

  • Selling Styles – e.g. Expert, Analyst, Persuader, Resolver, Driver
  • Selling Competencies – e.g. Identifying Needs, Developing Leads, Staying Positive, Being Disciplined
  • Selling KPIs – e.g. High Customer Contact Rate, Developing New Business, Sales Leadership


Secure online administration via Saville Consulting's assessment platform Oasys or via the Saville Consulting Bureau Service.

Completion time:
40 minutes, Wave Professional Styles

Requires a Saville Consulting Wave accredited user to interpret and feedback report data.

Professional Styles Example Sales Report - Sample Candidate