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Talent Management & Retention

Spotting Top Talent

It is difficult to spot future talent in today's flat organisations, and the need to identify "high potentials" has never been greater with many senior leaders nearing retirement. Saville Consulting Wave® tools and processes can help you to conduct a "talent audit" to find "high potentials" who have not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate more senior level managerial or executive competencies.

Assessment centres provide an in-depth measure of talent and potential. We recommend combining Saville Consulting Wave with the AC-EXS® simulations as part of an assessment centre. Through our partnership with A&DC®, we offer over 200 individual and group exercises including in-baskets (in-trays), fact finding, analysis, oral presentation and group discussions. This approach allows you to spot talent and potential earlier and much more precisely.

Succession planning

Our assessment data provides input around both performance and potential against the full set of competencies - allowing organisations to estimate the readiness of employees for lateral moves or promotions. When combined with information about employee career aspiration and geographical mobility this provides a clear picture of current and future succession strength. Employees earmarked to progress into key roles in the future can be assessed and compared, put on appropriate developmental and career paths, then re-evaluated over time.

Engaging employees

Managing change and retaining top talent begins by understanding the work environment, organisational climate and employee expectations. Saville Consulting Wave Culture surveys provide benchmark data and measures of the gaps between actual culture and the environment people would like to work in (preferred culture). We also explore the compatibility between employees' motivations, talents and the prevailing culture. Commitment and levels of satisfaction can be monitored and all cultural elements analysed at team site, department, and function level as required. Our clients use our surveys to highlight positives, to help realign performance with business strategy and to give clear direction on areas for improvement.