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Developing leaders

Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles is used very effectively as part of coaching interventions for managers and executives around the world. It examines deeper facets of work behaviour, providing fresh insights about a leader's talent and motive (potential) allowing coaches to prioritise the areas where there is an appetite as well as need for change. It also uncovers blindspots such as the difference between everyday behaviour versus behaviour under pressure. The straightforward, contemporary automated output reports provide easy access to the wealth of information relating to Competency Potential, Culture Fit, Leadership & Work Roles and Entrepreneurial.

Our 360 integrates competency assessments from those who know the individual's work performance to provide an innovative competency profile. Specifically the 360 gives you two different views of performance - how the individual was rated on each competency and also how that compares with an external benchmark.

The assessments provide a rich picture of competency based strengths and development needs, as well as an understanding of the underlying talents and motives (potential). Our library of competency based development tips enables the individual to capitalise on strengths, reinforce weaker areas and manage any liabilities.

Developing teams

By aggregating the results of the individuals in a team or department, we are able to present an overall competency potential profile that highlights key strengths or gaps that need to be managed or plugged. Our team effectiveness sessions present this information and engage team members in activities designed to align objectives, uncover barriers, improve communication and harness potential.