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We enable clients to select, develop and retain employees more effectively and efficiently. We do this by providing talent measurement tools and processes that are valid and quick, using technology that can integrate with existing HR systems and by giving the necessary consulting support for successful implementation.

Our assessment tools increase the accuracy of hiring decisions by examining both person-job and person-culture fit. Our high volume solutions reduce time and cost per hire, especially important for large geographically distributed assessment campaigns.
Saville Consulting Wave® provides an in-depth view of strengths and gaps for individual, leadership or team development. Maximise performance and potential through an accurate and powerful assessment of Motive, Talent, Competency Potential and Preferred Work Culture.
Talent Management & Retention

Saville Consulting assessments help clients to spot top talent or retention risks by targeting developmental activities and stretch assignments appropriately. We provide unique input into discussions of ambition, motivation, capability and breadth of experience.