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About Saville Consulting

Saville Consulting Asia Pacific operates direct in the region and also through a select number of highly valued distributors who add value with specific services. Managing Director, Scott Ruhfus is a registered organisational psychologist, has in-depth expertise in assessment methods and was previously Asia Pacific President of SHL. He has 30+ years of research and practical experience to draw on. Scott and his colleagues are here to give you the very best support in deploying the right tests and achieving significant productivity gains.

Saville Consulting develops rigorous and work relevant tests and questionnaires which have transformed traditional approaches to assessment around the world. The newly launched Saville Consulting Wave® questionnaires link people, jobs and workplace culture based on substantive validation.

How often do people hire confidently only to find induction difficult, performance average and, in extreme cases, swift departures due to lack of culture fit?

Saville Consulting Wave predicts a candidate's preferred culture.

Why do clearly identified high flyers fail to live up to their potential and struggle to maintain their position in the talent pool?

Saville Consulting Wave explores the dynamics between motive and talent.

Why do four out of five major change projects fail to deliver on the key objectives?

Saville Consulting Wave offers insightful and sophisticated cultural diagnostics.

Saville Consulting Wave now uses the benefits of new technology in order to shorten the assessment process and rapidly assimilate multiple elements including people's motives, talents and workplace culture.

How we deliver

We deliver client solutions in 2 main ways, offering maximum flexibility to users:

  • Self-sufficiency
    Saville Consulting provides a comprehensive range of assessment tools for use by client organisations. Clients must be registered users. Registration is obtained by accreditation training which can be provided in-house or at public training courses conducted regularly throughout the year. We also provide a help-desk for registered users and in addition offer a range of services to support self-sufficiency, including process review and customised reporting. The self-sufficiency route is often ideal for organisations with large numbers of staff and internal expertise.
  • Consultancy service
    Some clients prefer assessment to be provided externally. We also offer a range of consultancy services provided by our distributors, or you can talk to us about the right solution for you from the range of services below:
    • Selection
    • Development
    • Talent and Succession Management
    • Executive Assessment
    • Coaching
    • Change Management
    • Cultural Change
    • People Audits
    • Team Development
    • Stress Management
    • Board Development

Our assessment materials are supported by the highest quality training, run by experienced practitioners and ongoing research and development. With a strong investment in research and continuous improvement, clients have the opportunity to access continuing professional development and regular updates on topical case studies and applications.